Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Value of Life

I felt a bit under the weather last weekend and on Sunday I woke up with a sore throat, so while I sipped my elderberry tea and tried to forget I had a throat I decided to re-watch Food Inc.

It's a great documentary and I would highly encourage you watch it. (It's on Netflix instant play.) Although I would recommend doing so on an empty stomach. If you must eat, I would do so with food that you know exactly where it came from! :)
Honestly I don't know what I was thinking, because if you weren't sick before you watched it, you're sick after! Pretty much everything about the food system today and the journey your food takes from "farm" to store is absolutely horrific. 

This documentary is incredibly eye opening and makes me extremely grateful that slowly my family is becoming more and more self sufficient.
Afterwards, I was looking for more things written by Joel Salatin, who was interviewed in the film. I came across an article that he wrote that again made me grateful. It's a really good read I would give it a look-see:

The article basically talks about the ethical slaughter of animals and how important it is that we teach our children this. It's incredibly vital that we give our children the opportunity to participate in the raising and yes, slaughtering, of their food. The caring for any animal is amazing for developing responsibility and character but slaughtering teaches us the value of life, and the preciousness and how easily it can be taken away. And I'm so grateful my parents gave me the responsibility of caring for my chickens and let me watch them slaughter them.
 I'm grateful for the fact that my chickens and turkeys get all the sunlight, good food and love they need, I'm happy that I can raise them and when the time comes for them to fulfill their purpose in this world,  I'm glad I can pick them up without a fuss and that I can take their life in the kindest way possible. 
It may seem horrible to have a child of 6, 7 or 8 watch or participate in the slaughtering of an animal but I honestly think it is an important part of education. They need to be taught the circle of life and how important it is that we do it RIGHT, by giving these animals the care and respect they deserve. I wish there were more people like Joel Salatin teaching kids about where their food comes from and the value of life.

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