Friday, March 4, 2016

An Update: Spring Building

Things have been pretty busy here at the Kauffman Homestead!
In preparation for the adding of new livestock to our homestead and with a ton of additions to our flock my amazing and very tolerant dad has been working tirelessly on two new livestock pens at moms and my insistence. (Well mostly mine.)
The outer shell of the new duck/chicken pen is mostly complete! Now it just needs a roof an some basic escape proofing in the goat barn/coop.

And he's also been working on our goat pen!!! Hopefully we'll be getting two doelings, a buckling and baby ram once this is all finished. I can't wait! 

And I've been helping too, the chicks were ready to graduate from their brooder box to an outdoor pen, except the one we put together hastily for last springs chicks had kind of fallen in shambles a bit. Zipties just do not last in the Arizona sun.
So I gladly took over, anything to get the pens up quicker! So after three days of frustrations, caught hair, smashed fingers, and tons of baling twine this was the result:

Beautiful isn't it?
What it lacks in finesse I think it makes up for in practicality, I think it will discourage the up and coming flyers from escaping!

It's kind of nice taking a break from the every three day cleaning of their brooder, and plus they love being outside now, dust bathes galore!

The freedom from not having to clean brooder boxes won't last long though, new babies are due on Tuesday! I think I'll try and sell some of this next batch though, we're getting tons of chickens from Cackle Hatchery come April and we'll need to have room for the our next batch which will be turkey and duck eggs.
Yes indeed, God willing I will be hatching my own DUCKS!!!
We'll be setting a bunch of mallard eggs from a friend along with a bunch of turkey eggs sometime next week. YIPPEEE!!!
So once I hopefully have a bunch of ducks, will I be a crazy chicken lady AND duck lady? And once I get goats and sheep, will I be a crazy goat lady?
Only time will tell, but this sure is shaping up to be one heck of a spring!

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